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Classes in the Traditional and Olympic style of Tae Kwon Do.  Students learn self-defense and sparring techniques that are practical and simple to use in extreme situations.  At the same time we teach our students that self-defense is only a last resort.  The best tool in a dangerous or extreme situation is to get away from the problem.  We do not teach our students to be violent or to use martial arts to bully others, on the contrary, martial arts is a discipline that helps students to control their emotions and anger.

We also participate in about 4 tournaments yearly.  Tournaments are great challenges and help us overcome fear.  They also teach us to have a good sportsmanship attitude.  Students are note required to go but they are encouraged.


Classes by Well Trained Professionals

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Master Instructor

  • Awards: 5
  • Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Philipino, KravMaga, LimaLama
  • Experience: 35+ years
My name is Joaquí­n Anzú Álvarez, I was born in Urapan Michoacán, México in 1972. I came to the United States in September of 1988 where within few months I enrolled in the art of Lima Lama and later in kickboxing in the city of El Monte.I started training Taekwondo in Mexico at an early age. By God’s grace I have been training Martial Arts for about 35 years in different Martial Arts such as Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Philipino Martial arts, Krav Maga and Lima Lama.I have been teaching Martial Arts for about 25 years. By God’s grace I have being operating Anzu Martial Arts School for almost 23 years in the City of La Puente, CA USA.At the moment I hold a 6 degree black belt in Taekwondo, 6 degree in Hapkido, 1st degree in Krav maga and 1st degree in Tang so do and certification in different martial arts weapons.

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Instructor / Office Assistant

  • Awards: 2
  • 4th Taekwondo, 1st Hapkido
  • Experience: 11+ years
Guadalupe O. Aroche Born in Los Angeles CA. I speak english and spanish. I am a Martial arts Instructor/Office Assistant at Anzu Martial Arts. I guide women on a fitness training program through martial arts to achieve their health and fitness goals. As a teacher and a Leader my mission is to share my knowledge and teach the moral values with children and adults to become better leaders and models to our society. I have been training Taekwondo since the age of 25, continuous training for 14 years and professionally I have been teaching for the past 11 years. I currently hold a 4th Dan black belt in Taekwondo and 1st Dan black belt in Hapkido.

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  • Awards: 4
  • Taekwondo
  • Experience: 10+ years
My name is Aldo Ferrusca, I’m 21 years old, currently 4th Dan blank belt in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. At the age of 6 my dad enrolled me in taekwondo classes with Anzu Martial Arts, no particular reason other than just wanting me to be active. I’ve competed in variety of different levels of Taekwondo tournaments, in both classes of Poomsae and Kyorugi (Forms and Sparring). Growing up being a martial artist has definitely benefited my life in many ways such as maturity, discipline, respect, as well as staying fit and healthy.”



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