Tenets of Taekwondo

Courtesy - To be kind.

Integrity - to be honest.

Perseverance - To keep on going.

Self Control - to be in charge of one’s behavior.

Indomitable Spirit - to never surrender.

Discipline - To act according with established rules.

Student Creed

To build true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body.

To keep friendship with one another and to build a strong and happy society.

Never fight to achieve self fish ends.

The Five Codes of Hwarangdo

Be loyal to your country.

Be obedient to your parents.

Be true to your friends.

Never retreat in battle.

Never make unjust kill.

7 Home Rules

Children (students) shall greet their parents with “hi” mom!, or “hi”, dad, when entering or leaving the house.

Children (students) shall always be respectful to their teachers and elders.

Children (students) shall be kind to their brothers ans sisters.

Children (students) shall keep the house clean and neat.

Children (students) shall not interrupt adult conversations.

Children (students) shall fix a plan for straight As daily.